Sunday, May 10, 2009

First Day!

I got picked up around 10pm last night and we headed for Dunnigan to sleep for the night. It took about 2 hrs to reach Dunnigan. This morning we got up and headed for Willows to stop at "Nancy's" for breakfast and pick somethings up at Walmart. Then on toward Portland, Or. I driven from Sac to Ashland before but usually I was the driver and didn't get to look out the windows too much. The California high desert is kinda bornig but the mountains in Orgon are beautiful! We reached Brooks Or just north of Salem about 9pm. Very long drive. Sleeping at the terminal in Brooks tonight. Most people would not believe how long driving for 11hrs is. If you drive 11hrs you work and are up 12-14 depending on how you do meals. I got a rose from the nice people at Nancy's Cafe for Mother's day, Happy Mothers day to everyone!


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