Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Gansey update and more

As you can see I have frogged about 4 inches the white gansey sweate. Pulled those pesky needles out and started wrapping it back on the cone!!! The arm holes were going to be about 10.5 inches deep. I'm altering the pattern and I making the arm holes closer to 8.5 inches...
In the mean time I knitted my first doily pictured below. I'm very proud of this as I've always enjoyed Lace and find it very beautiful. It was very easy and I was surprised how fast It went. I even found a mistake in the pattern but worked it out easily enough. Lew DeYoung was helping me with it. When I blocked it his comment was I had done Very good. This is quite a complement.
Now on to more commissioned knitting. I'm knitting a tank top for the local knitting store I teach classes at, Fuzzy Penguin. If you live in the Sacramento, Ca. Area and are interested in taking my bead knitting class I talked about before.I'm teaching it at The Fuzzy Penguin on Sunday May 1st from 12-5pm. You can contact them at 916-739-1190 to sign up for the class.

Other classes I'm teaching:
Fuzzy Penguin:

Friday April 22&29th Intermediate Knitting from 6-8pm

Monday May 2&9th Beginning Knitting from 6-8pm
Sat. May 28th sit and help with knitting questions

Sat June 11& 18 Beginning Knitting from 10am-12pm
Sat June 11 1-5pm Sock Class
Sat June 18 1-5 Modular knitting

Keep those needles clicking..... And stay away from FROGS rip it rip it rip it


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Yay! Classes are up!!

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