Friday, February 25, 2005

Feb 5th Hoxbro class

Wow I'm late posting this! Vivian Hoxbro class was a blast. After driving down to fresno after work on Friday and getting lost on the way Sandi and I found ourselves in A very posh hotel for a awesome rate (thanks Fran!). We met up with friends and settled in for the night. The next morning bright and early we head for Class. We were greeted be the smiling faces of the Sheeper Than Therapy knitting guild in Fresno, Ca. What a great start to our day and it kept getting better. There were goodie bags and we ate all day long. As for the class I don't think I've ever enjoyed one this much. Vivian was wonderful, helpful and encouraging. Even with the language barrier. Wow what a day. Six hours of Shadow knitting and trying on Vivian's designs and we were headed home !!!! That was a great day.


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