Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Day Three

More waiting around for a dispatch which came around noon. Off we go to pick-up in Idaho and deliver in Ohio. Best part was the drive through the Columbia River Gorge. Beautiful!!! I saw several waterfalls and took some pictures from the truck while we were diving along. However the weather didn't really like us. It rained, hailed, sleeted, and snowed all day. Still I enjoyed the ride. Keith and I talk about me and my problems, how to work on them and over come the pitfalls...... Sometimes it's hard and I've got alot of work to do. I also got my first glance of the rockies (that is that I remember) Hope you enjoy the pictures. The picture above was taken in the Gorge out the window while we were driving by. I love the look with the clouds. The picture below of the bird was taken through the front windshield in the rain while we were waiting for a disbatch. It's funny to see all the birds at the rest stops eating off the grills of the trucks. they are eating all the dead bugs. I guess they enjoy their bugs cooked too....


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