Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Your Promise

I know you will keep your promise. Now I want to make sure you keep the other one. The one about if you need me for ANY reason you find me. It's okay to call if you are having a bad day. I will not hold you to a commitment of any time.

I am doing OK. I do miss you but I'm really okay. However if you are NOT doing okay or better then we have a problem. I really need you to be doing good. If you did this as some idea to help me you ARE wrong. I can handle this just fine as long as you are okay. If you are hurting or miss me and need me for ANY reason, call!!! I'll be there for you. I really mean I can do this. I can be there for you for as short as a moment or as long as it takes!!! Just talk to me, at least say something when you call.

Thank you for remembering me and helping me on the 29th. It is a most bitter sweet day for me and I'll always have wonderful memories of our time together that day as well as sad memories of losing Dad on that day.

Loving and Fond memories...... Loving you always....... Babe

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

It's for real this time

Goodbye! It's for real this time. I'll miss you but I'll NEVER forget..................